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Rotary vacuum disc filters

Disc Filters

Manufacturer & Exporter of Rotary vacuum disc filters. Our product range also comprises of Drive Heads, Center Mechanism and Clarifier peripherally driven.


Rotary Vacuum Disc Filters


Inline with similar operating structure and application as Drum Filter (Ref.Above) the Disc Filter is a macro screen used for macro solids removal and product recovery. The disc design is particularly advantageous when a large filter area is needed. The compact design of the disc filter configuration results in 2-3 times more filter area compared to drum filters of the same external dimensions. This makes the Disc filters a good choice for recirculation systems, effluent polishing of wastewater, fine filtration of intake water, or other applications where a space-saving filter with fine filter openings and large filter area is required.

Usually Selected when :

-The form to dry time ratio is approximately ½ to 1 min

-No cake washing is required or very less washing is required

-The cake parts easily from the cloth

-The cloth does not clog

-For Filtration of Easily Separable Flocs or Coarse Slurry


They are generally used in heavy duty applications such as the dewatering of iron ore taconite, hematite, coal, aluminum hydrate, copper concentrate, pyrite flotation concentrates and other beneficiation processes.

Construction point of view Disc filter consists of several discs Dia. Ranging from 3’ to 12’ and no. of discs upto 12 in the larger machines, each made up from equally divided Angular sectors which are clamped together to form the disc. The sectors are ribbed towards the neck and designed for a high capacity drainage rate. Thus each Disc Provides Filtration surface Area on both sides and many such discs are pitched lengthwise on a common shaft to provide large filtration capacities in most cost effective manner and minimum possible area.

We are pioneered in supply of Disc filters in the country with over more than 50 Large Size Disc Filters Installed all over India.




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